Generous Tip Makes News International News at London’s paper, The Telegraph

The generosity of one of our guests made headlines all the way to the UK! Here is the story written in the London Telegraph.

Source: The Telegraph, UK

Here in Britain, most of us will leave a nine per cent tip after a meal, but one American diner has put us to shame.
A satisfied customer ignored the US’s unspoken 15 to 20 per cent tipping agreement and left a $2,000 (£1,300) tip on a $93 (£60) bill.
The regular at Blue 44, a restaurant specialising in American cuisine, left the tip for owner Christofer Nardelli, bartender Laura Dalley, and chef James Truney after enjoying the restaurant’s fried chicken, gumbo and Old Chub Scotch Ale.

The tip included details of how the money should be split between the three co-workers – $1,000 for Turner and $500 each for Nardelli and Dally.

“You think, who are these people who give these extraordinarily generous tips that just made a server or bartender’s day? And then sure enough, it happened to us.
“It’s flattering. It’s nice to see somebody appreciate what we do and they’re willing to leave something like that for us. It’s hard to believe anyone deserves a tip like that.”
According to Nardelli, the customer visits the bar a few times a month and they sometimes exchange emails so he can keep him updated on beer selections and food specials.
After receiving the tip, Nardelli emailed the customer to say thank you and find out why he left such a hefty tip.
Nardelli said: “He said he’s very happy with what we’ve built and that he’s proud to be a customer,” revealing the customer said in the email: “I’m very happy to express my gratitude in that way.”
Nardelli won’t be naming the customer in order to protect his privacy and plans to use the money to pay his child’s day care bill.

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